SEVEN – Feedback

The major charrette required us to seek new, meaningful ways to provide care and support for people who are currently homeless or recently arrived refugees in and around Brisbane. The strategy should promote their rights and wellbeing, and recognise difference, creating connections, and cultivate respect.

After a two hour consultation comprised mostly of individual members proposing ideas and building on each others comments backed by minimal research and brainstorming, our team developed a preliminary solution. Our initial idea was to target the homeless population of Brisbane by creating a workshop style service. The service would entail a group of expert volunteers speaking with homeless individuals to initiate connections and encourage participation. These homeless people would then attend workshops held by the volunteers who would teach skills relevant to their field of expertise (e.g. music, crafts, writing etc.). After a period of three months homeless individuals would then organise their own workshops to share their acquired skills with fellow homeless comrades and the general public in their own locality. In this way, difference in talent would be recognised and connections created between the homeless and the general public, silencing stereotypes and empowering the homeless.

When this solution was proposed to our tutor, it was made clear that this design was impractical and unoriginal. The question was asked “Who would actually volunteer for something like this? Why?” to which we had no response. She proceeded to compare our idea to other existing projects such as Homeless Link’s workshop for homeless youth. With a simple google search we soon found our idea was already existent in more elaborate forms such as Jubilee’s Groupon Grassroots Campaign (Groupon Grassroots, 2012). Back to the drawing board…

Tomorrow we will meet again to reconsider our design choices and re-evaluate our current idea. I hope to implement some ideation techniques such as TILMAG, a HIT matrix and SCAMPER to assist us in this regard. It is crucial that we research existing services before proposing a solution to avoid unoriginality. Once our concept is agreed and refinement begins we will be able to divide and conquer.



  • Groupon Grassroots. (2012, September 26). Skill-Building Workshops for Homeless and Low-Income Women. Retrieved May 09, 2017, from

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